AMX-PI 1.39

AMX-PI is the next generation of the SoftwareHistory2 application
1.39.1 (See all)

AMX Product Info (AMX-PI) is the next generation of the SoftwareHistory2 application, providing a complete product revision history, feature, and command set for all AMX devices and software applications.
- All versions of firmware with release dates and notes, providing a complete product development history
- Concise lists of commands, strings, and channels to help programming and troubleshooting
- Advanced search capabilities allow searching by product name, command, or FG number
- TOC (Navigation pane), allowing users to browse for products by product category
- Cross-Platform and browser independent
- Interactive navigation that displays consistently across all supported browsers and platforms
- Browser-based UI that is cross-platform compliant (Windows, UNIX, Mac and Linux) and compatible with all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape)

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